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• Recluse (19')
• Manitou (18')
• Aral (18')
• Valkyrie (17')
• Idun (16')
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“I really like your company and the way things are handled. Good things are worth waiting for, and friendly service is priceless.” J.M. WA

“I have appreciated the excellent design and quality craftsmanship that went into my boat and paddles.....”T.H. MN

“Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying my kayak. I loaded it myself last night. Must have been a confidence builder, as an hour later I rolled it six out of six tries. YaHoo! Am I prejudiced, or is my boat that much better looking than all the rest?” M.D. MI

“I paddled with a couple who made their own boats, wooden too, but didn't seem to track as well, They kept correcting with extra strokes and I didn't have to....”M.D.MI

“I have never before in my life purchased any product with which I have been so pleased. The boat is a dream to paddle and is just visually stunning...” M.R. MI

“Aside from creating the most beautiful kayak ever, you have both been very patient and supportive, which has made this process educational and fun.” J.Z. WA

“This kayak has got to be the most beautiful kayak that I've ever seen. Very, very happy.” P.P. RI

“By the way, your paddles are absolutely great. Keep up the great work.” G.S. NY

“I want you to know that I really appreciate the interest and service you and Betsie have always provided...I have built a few Greenland boats now, but the boat I paddle every day is your Valkyrie.” R.N. NY

“I just wanted to tell you that after spending over five weeks with my new kayak, paddling it nearly every day, and REALLY giving it a rolling workout, I love it more EVERY time I paddle it. Tracking is superb - certainly NO need for a skeg! It rolls like magic, and traditional Greenland style braces are so comfortable as to make them second nature. At 34 pounds even my bad back is delighted! You truly do make the finest kayaks I've ever experienced.” M.M. FL

“Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the way that you make time to talk with me, a customer. I know you must be very busy and are still patient in answering my questions....” J.G. CT

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