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• Recluse (19')
• Manitou (18')
• Aral (18')
• Valkyrie (17')
• Idun (16')
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Please, If You Have Questions...

Betsie Bay Kayak is a small, two-person, brick-and-mortar business. We have been designing and building our products since 1984 and must, of necessity, dedicate the majority of our time to that purpose.

If you have questions about our products which are not addressed in our Web site, the best way to contact us is by phone. We respond to e-mail as time allows, but do not expect an instant reply. The vast majority of e-mail questions we receive are already answered within the text of our carefully-constructed Web site.

Finally, we are the only people who can give you the whys and wherefores of our unique designs and construction. For technical questions, please ask us.



• All Wood/Epoxy/Glass touring
kayaks: $4000 plus delivery

Kayaks are sold on a first-paid, first-delivered basis; 50% down, 50% on delivery. Please call 231-352-7774 before placing kayak orders.

Kayak delivery options include pick-up or "network" haulers. Please contact us regarding delivery methods and costs.


• Greenlander - $300
• Graflite - $450
   (call for availability)
• Inuit - $305
• Storm - $295
• Rolling Stick - $45

We try to keep paddles in stock ready for shipment. During peak times of demand we may be backlogged, but can usually ship within a couple weeks.

Shipping: UPS/FedEx rates have risen dramatically due to a variety of factors. Please call or email us for a shipping quote. Rates start at about $40 in the midwest and may be as high as $75 to the west coast. The U.S. Postal Service is also an option and usually a lower cost.

Paddle Rehab: If you have an older BBK paddle in need of repair/refinishing, we offer a paddle rehab service for $100 plus shipping. The paddle gets sanded down, dings filled in, two coats of epoxy applied, re-sprayed with original catalyzed clear, labelled, and retipped.


• Sprayskirt - $100
• "Greenland Style Paddling" DVD - $30

Shipping: We ship accessories via USPS. The shipping charge is
$5 for all accessories. 


We do not process COD or credit card orders, but personal checks or money orders are fine. (Please see the "CREDIT CARDS" section below for more information on why we do not accept credit cards.)

Kayaks - please call us

Paddles and Accessories - send check or money order for items and shipping to:

Betsie Bay Kayak
P.O. Box 1706
Frankfort, MI  49635

Michigan residents add 6% sales tax. Please be sure we have your street address (UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box) and a phone number if we have a question regarding your order.


We do not accept credit cards, PayPal, or other electronic payment options because they generally would not speed up delivery time.

Betsie Bay Kayak consists of two craftspeople working full time to produce the products shown here. We are an actual workshop that starts with raw materials and proceeds through to a finished product. We are not an “e-business”. We do not have a warehouse full of merchandise ready for overnight shipping. We do not simply pass your order on to another business that actually produces and/or drop-ships the product. We love what we do. We choose to remain craftspeople, rather than personnel managers, so that every BBK product is built by us personally.

Kayaks are usually built on a to-order basis. Our turnaround time is generally 2-3 weeks. We occasionally get to build a kayak on spec and offer it for sale, so check the website or call, for your model. We try to keep paddles in stock for immediate shipment, but at many times of the year, we are backlogged there, as well. If you're ordering something special, call or email us and we'll get started on it – the check or money order will still get here before we can ship 99% of the time.

With a small operation, quality, not quantity, is the only logical approach to doing business.


Betsie Bay Kayak (BBK) warrants all products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Paddle Breakage: Our paddles are designed to be as light as possible for extended touring while being strong enough for bracing, rolling and normal use. Most broken paddles are the result of rescue/re-entry practices or poor rolling techniques. Even a relatively small paddler is capable of breaking a sound paddle struggling to roll in a fully extended position. We carefully hand craft every BBK paddle from select materials. We cannot guarantee that a paddle will not break. If a paddle breaks due to defects in material or workmanship, we will replace it. If a paddle delaminates, rots, blisters, peels or splits or fails in any mode outside of abuse, we'll be happy to replace it. You shouldn't have to pay for our mistakes, nor should we have to pay for yours.

Please Note: Because BBK works constantly to improve product quality, and because availability of materials may vary, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. BBK’s liability is limited to the refund of purchase price of product only.

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