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At BBK we believe that simplicity is part of the joy of kayaking, so we offer only time-tested reliable accessories to compliment our kayaks and paddles.

Kayak Standard Outfitting:

  • 8'' Beckson pry-out hatches
  • Rear bulkhead expedition hatch
  • Rigging with BBK's unique flush shearline fittings
  • Bow and stern carry toggles
  • Sea size cockpit (16''x22.5'')
  • Closed-cell foam seat bottom and backrest
  • Keepers® adjustable footrests
  • Light beige Awl Grip® hull
  • Clear acrylic/epoxy, okoume-wood deck

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Betsie Bay Kayak - Deck Hatches

Deck Hatches

Our first choice in deck hatches is the 8 inch Beckson pry-out deck plate. It is an airtight unit that works on the same sealing principle as a cork in a bottle.

It is about 3/8" larger in diameter than the optional VCP hatches, and its low profile does not create the annoying splash off the front deck that the British units do.
Betsie Bay Kayak - Expedition Hatch

Expedition Hatch

Larger and longer items can be stowed through BBK's exclusive rear bulkhead expedition hatch. It uses a a thick neoprene gasket and is held securely by four stainless screw fasteners. Most other expedition hatches are found on the rear deck where they are constantly awash. Based on the fact that waterproofing works best where there is no water, the BBK Expedition Hatch is located in the cockpit. It is standard on all wood/ epoxy models.
Betsie Bay Kayak - Toggles


Lightweight PVC toggles are properly sized to reduce hand fatigue on long carries.

Betsie Bay Kayak - Backrests


We have spent years developing an orthopedically correct seating system suitable for the long hours spent in sea kayaks. BBKs sculptured foam lumbo-sacral support replaces the uncomfortable backbands found in most kayaks, and still allows easy layback bracing and rolling.
  Betsie Bay Kayak - Shearline Rigging

Shearline Rigging

Our flush watertight fittings take the hardlines off the deck and onto the hull edge. Here they act as a fender to absorb impacts, while providing an extra clean deck appearance. Fill bow-to-stern lines are standard.
  Betsie Bay Kayak - Footrests


We use sturdy, lightweight Keepers® footrests in our kayaks exclusively. These units give about 12 inches of adjustment, and resist jamming from sand and gravel better than metal footrests.

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